Welshpool Church in Wales Primary School


The new school in Welshpool will provide an inspiring, welcoming and secure environment for teaching and learning, as well as encouraging integration with the wider community.

The school’s ethos of ‘bringing out the best in each other’ will be reflected in the design, promoting collaboration and a flexible learning environment for all pupils. The school provides high quality education promoting independent, lifelong learning in an environment based on respect, tolerance and friendship, which prepares pupils to be confident, happy citizens. 

The school consists of a double banked classroom block which is orientated North-South to ensure the internal environment of the classrooms is easily controlled in terms of solar access and shading. The adjacent, projecting block to the East, contains the main entrance, administration suite, the main hall and community facilities.

The double height entrance area will be lit by natural light from above. From here users of the building will easily be able to orientate themselves using the views out along the spine of the building to both the East (through the Community Room and out to the playing area beyond) and West (through the Early Years Room). 

The double banked classroom block is arranged around an internal street at ground floor that provides hub space for small group activities. This is partially a double height space, naturally lit by high level windows above. 

Progress on site: