An innovative and sustainable  standardised solution for education in Wales



We believe that all children in Wales have the right to an inspiring, healthy and safe environment to learn. Delivering these aspirations within ever demanding timescales and budgets requires a new approach to ensure the quality of future schools in Wales.

Patrwm 21 is a bespoke solution to a standardised approach that brings together the rigorous quality of the Passivhaus standard with competitive cost certainty.

Our pattern for delivering Wales' 21st Century Schools is both an innovative and commercially tested route to delivering social, environmental and economical added value.

parc y tywyw, east wing ©philboorman

Ensuring quality for schools in Wales

Developed by specialists in the construction industry, Patrwm 21 is a standardised product that streamlines the high quality delivery of schools in Wales; maximises capital investment, and directly supports the seven wellbeing goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in Wales 2015.


Supporting health + wellbeing

The Patrwm 21 model takes a holistic approach to complementing the Wellbeing of Future Generations in Wales Act 2015.


prosperity Wales.png

A Prosperous Wales

The ultra low running costs of a Passivhaus school saves tens of thousands of pounds every year, freeing-up school budgets for the things that really matter.

resiliant Wales.png

A resilient wales

Quality Passivhaus accredited design and build is quality that is locked into the building. It continues to perform to the same high standard and does not weaken over time.


a healthier wales

Optimised temperatures for learning and low CO2 concentrations guarantee comfortable classrooms, be it summer or winter, help pupils to perform.


a more equal wales

to a high quality learning environment that supports them in their learning. That is why an affordable, standardised solution stacks-up.


a wales of cohesive communities

We work with the future users to discover their aspiration for the new schools where they live; developing facilities for the whole community within the school plan.

Welsh Language.png
Globally responsible Wales.png

a wales of thriving welsh culture

80% of Patrwm 21 schools to date have been Welsh medium schools. We aim to inspire young people in learning their national language, surrounded by locally sourced Welsh materials.

a globally responsible wales

Unlike other energy standards that aim to offset carbon, Passivhaus prevents energy usage in the first instance. Our core strategy is supported by responsible construction methods.